Saving money is one of the reasons people choose to move to a full-time RV lifestyle. However, many new RVers quickly learn it’s not as inexpensive as they had hoped. Some people find they spend just as much money living on the road as they did living in a stationary home. However, there are ways to save money while RVing. Here are a few tips and tricks for living on the road on a budget.

Choose Your Destination

If you’re on a budget and just getting started, it’s helpful to understand that some places are more expensive than others. A little internet research will help you find the prices of campgrounds in areas that interest you. Expect to pay more in touristy towns for camping, food, and supplies. You will find that many areas have an off-season and you can stay for cheaper when parks and campgrounds aren’t crowded.

Cook at Home to Save Money While RVing

When you’re on the road, you will want to try local restaurants. Just be careful and don’t go overboard. Eating out at a restaurant every night gets expensive. Learn to cook in your RV kitchen. Create a plan for meals. It’s less expensive and you can create a menu that allows for the creative use of the leftovers in tomorrow’s meal.

Use a Gas App

Your smartphone is a useful source of information. Take advantage of apps that track prices so you can save money on fuel. Some RVs have tanks that hold up to 150 gallons. When you’re driving around town in your sedan, paying 8 to 10 cents more per gallon doesn’t really matter. But, when you live on the road, those pennies quickly add up.

Stay Longer to Save Money While RVing

Living on the road is appealing because of the sense of freedom you experience. You might have a bucket list of places you want to visit, but you don’t have to be in a hurry to get there. Staying at a campground for a month or for a season will be less expensive than paying for a night at a time. Enjoy the area and explore locally. By slowing down and spending more time in each location, you have the opportunity to make friends and get to know the area you’re visiting.

Learn to DIY

When you’re on the road full-time, things will break. Take advantage of online tutorials to learn how to take care of your rig. There are plenty of simple tasks you can handle, especially regarding upgrades to the flooring and decor. You can also learn basic maintenance of the systems and components of your RV. You’ll save money if you don’t have to hire a professional every time something goes wrong. However, it is important to know what jobs you can handle and when to call a pro.

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