About the RV Inspector

NRVIA Level 2 Certified Inspector Paul Harrod

KY and TN RV Inspections

30+ Years of RV Experience

Our owner-operator, Paul Harrod, has been working with RVs for more than 30 years. Paul spent the first 25+ years in insurance appraisals, which means he has worked with dealers, repair facilities, and manufacturers to ensure proper restoration of damaged units. Since 2015, his sole purpose has been RV inspections. This is truly the job of his dreams, and he’s looking forward to helping you make your RV dreams come true too!

Paul Harrod, one of our certified RV Inspectors

Paul’s RV Credentials

With more than 30 years of experience, Paul definitely has the necessary skills to inspect an RV. He also has some very important credentials that prove he’s someone you can trust to get it done right the first time. Paul will carefully and thoroughly inspect your RV.

  • NRVIA Level 2 Certified RV Inspector
  • Adheres to all NRVIA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • 500+ RV Inspections Completed
  • Covered by Errors & Omissions/General Liability Insurance
Certified RV Inspector National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association NRVIA Logo
Camper trailer parked in a forest in autumn after being thoroughly checked by our rv inspectors

Why Did Paul Choose RV Inspecting?

Paul’s extensive background with RVs made RV inspecting a natural choice. Besides which, he really enjoys the RV community and loves to assist them. His favorite customer is someone who is new to the community because this means he gets to help teach and prepare them. Assisting others with their RV purchase makes Paul happy as he loves giving others peace of mind.

RV Inspector’s Skills and Tools

As an RV Inspector, we know where and how to look for problems. Some problems may be visible, but the extent of the problem may not. Other problems and issues may not be visible. We have the knowledge of where to look, analyze what we see and the special tools to detect unseen problems such as moisture content, LP gas leaks, high amperage draws, low current and proper current cycles. Wearable components such as suspension, tires and LP tanks are inspected to verify they are within proper life cycle and expiration. We can also analyze engine and generator fluids to check for unseen problems or excessive wear.

Paul’s Time Off

Travel, camping, and RVing have always been part of Paul’s life. Now that he and his wife are empty nesters (aside from their two dogs), they have time to travel more than ever.

Our Service Area

Foremost RV Inspection takes pride in offering our services to those in the Middle of TN, Nashville, TN, and South-Central KY (plus a 100-mile radius).

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