On any RV trip, there are some basic items you should always keep handy. These RV essentials can resolve difficult situations and keep you and your RV safe.

Leveling Blocks are RV Essentials

Leveling blocks are lifesavers any time your campsite isn’t completely level. The ground may seem flat, but you’ll notice once you are inside the RV when one end is lower than the other.

Leveling blocks can be adjusted underneath the wheels to make the RV safer and more comfortable. You may also want to bring a level tool to help determine when the RV is perfectly even.

Tire Pressure Gauge

When a tire is low on air, driving a large vehicle can be dangerous. Keep a tire pressure gauge on hand so that you can check the tire pressure and make sure it is always at optimal levels. Refer to the owner’s manual to determine what the correct tire pressure should be.

Surge Protector

One of the top RV accessories is a surge protector. Electrical surges can come from the power source of an RV park which poses a risk to your RV’s electrical system and appliances.

This simple device protects against power surges, which can save you from having to spend money on repairs and replacements and the inconvenience they can cause.

RV Essentials to Jump the Engine

Keep jumper cables with you in any vehicle you are driving, but you’ll especially need them in the RV you are living out of. If your battery dies, jumper cables and another friendly traveler can get you running again.

However, an even better option is having a portable jump starter with you. They come with a battery so you won’t need to rely on another vehicle to hook up to. Know your engine size and buy a portable jump starter with the required amps to start the engine.

Spare Tire

Always have a spare tire with you when traveling in your RV. This will keep you from getting stranded in a remote place with no cell service should you get a flat tire. Also, keep chocks, a lug wrench, an air compressor, and a socket for changing a flat tire.

Battery-Powered Lights

Keep some battery-powered lights with you on any road trip you take. Besides getting around the campsite after dark, you never know when you might need some extra light. Have headlamps, flashlights, and lanterns with extra batteries.

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