Enjoying Your RV Year-Round

It’s easy to have fun with your RV during the spring and summer when the weather is mild and warm. When the weather turns colder, however, things become more challenging. Your RV is an investment, and you shouldn’t have to park it just because it’s getting colder outside. If your RV is your home, you have no other choice but to make it comfortable year-round. Here are ways that you can stay warm in your RV this winter.

Blankets & Rugs

The first tip is also the simplest. Pack your RV with extra blankets so that everyone can wrap up if they need to. Placing thick rugs on the floor adds a barrier between it and your feet that helps insulate your RV from the cold. Electric blankets also work well either for sleeping or for lounging. You’ll even find portable battery-powered heated blankets for your RV so you don’t have to use power.

Stay Warm in Your RV with Space Heaters

Space heaters are handy for heating up a room and keeping important components of your RV from freezing. You can use them instead of your main heat if you are by a power hookup and save fuel. Space heaters can be a fire hazard if they are malfunctioning or misused. It’s recommended to not keep them on for extended periods of time. Be sure to test that the auto-shutoff mechanism is operational so that they’ll turn off if tipped over.

Insulate Everything in Order to Stay Warm in Your RV

Insulation goes a long way to helping you stay warm in your RV. Start by insulating your vents, and then insulating your windows using heavy blinds. Open blinds to windows that are facing the sun for free radiant heat.

You can also add insulation to parts of your RV, such as the undercarriage. RV skirts will keep colder air from blowing underneath the vehicle. Insulation helps to keep warm air in and cold air out, and the more you add, the warmer you will be.

Reduce Moisture

Moisture creates condensation on windows and other surfaces in your RV. If you want to stay warm in your RV, work to remove moisture from the environment. Use a dehumidifier periodically throughout the day. Be mindful about reducing the moisture content as well. Refrain from cooking meals that produce a lot of steam and take shorter showers.

Rely on Camping Tips to Stay Warm in your RV

If you want to stay warm in your RV,  look to campers for more ways to stay warm. For instance, if you have trouble staying warm at night, keep a sleeping pad between you and your mattress. Snack frequently on healthy, high protein options. Protein takes longer to digest and will fuel your body, keeping it warmer longer. Pack plenty of hand and feet warmers for everyone to use. When our hands or feet are cold, we often feel much colder than we really are.

Get an RV Inspection and Make Needed Repairs

Different portions of your RV may be older and working inefficiently. This will make systems work harder and produce less heat. A licensed RV inspector will be able to tell you what is working correctly and what is due for repair. Repairing or replacing these items, while expensive, will help you and your family stay warm in your RV this winter.

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