Family RVing is a memory-making experience and a way for kids to explore unfamiliar places, try new activities, and meet new people. However, before you set out on your next adventure, plan what you want from your vacation. RVing with kids should be safe and fun. Before hitting the road on your RV trip with the kids, here are some things to consider.

1. Choose Safe and Kid-Friendly RV Parks

Thanks to the increasing popularity of RVing, there are plenty of campgrounds to choose from for your next getaway. Different parks cater to different crowds, and for a family vacation destination, you’ll want to choose a kid-friendly park. Looking for a location with activities to keep your children entertained will be part of the planning process. One way to make RVing with kids safe and fun is to look for a campground on a website like Good Sam. Google provides reviews for the campgrounds you are considering.

2. Stay Busy When RVing With Kids

A look at the campground’s activities calendar will also help you choose where to stay. Kid-friendly campgrounds will generally list many safe, well-planned activities for kids. Offerings may include craft classes, hayrides, or movie nights. The list of the amenities at a kid-friendly campground will usually have a playground or rec room. Don’t forget to bring some toys or games for rainy days.

3. Safety at Your Site

While getting a waterfront site offers the appeal of waking up in the morning to a tranquil view of the lake or river, consider safety issues when traveling with small children. The constant concern of toddlers wandering off to the water is stressful. To make RVing with kids safe and fun, camp closer to a park or playground area.

4. RVing With Kids Safely

Always make sure your RV is roadworthy, properly inspected, and well-maintained. Safety is a priority, especially with children on board. Make sure that everyone buckles up. Babies and toddlers need to be in their regular car seats. Secure loose items in the vehicle so they don’t go airborne in case of sudden stops.

5. Should You Leave Electronics at Home?

You may be tempted to forbid electronics in the interest of togetherness and family time; however, limiting screen time is a more reasonable request. Instead of the electronics battle, gently lure them into exciting activities to get them away from their devices. Look for campgrounds that provide free wifi and decent cell service.

With proper planning and realistic expectations, your dream vacation of RVing with the whole family can be a reality. You can make RVing with kids safe and fun with simple steps.

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