Preparing food in an RV poses quite a few challenges when compared to cooking in a regular kitchen. You’ll have limited space to chop veggies, access to fewer ingredients, smaller appliances, and you’ll need to navigate a tiny space. To help you make delicious meals anywhere you go, here are a few tips for RV meal prep.

Create a Menu for RV Meal Prep

Plan ahead to successfully prepare meals in your RV. You won’t have as much space for perishables and other ingredients, so you’ll need to have a plan. Create a weekly menu and look for ways to use up the foods you purchase. You won’t need an entire onion for your lasagna, but if you plan carefully, you’ll find ways to use the onion in other meals throughout the week.

When you make a menu, shopping is easier and you’ll have a roadmap for meals for the week. You can save money when picking up groceries (and save space in your kitchen) when you only buy exactly what you’ll be using.

Use Recipes that Allow for Variety

Sometimes a recipe should be followed just the way it is written. Other times, there is plenty of room for creativity. Tacos and pizza are great examples. You can prepare these meals and include whatever toppings or fillings you have on hand. Both are a great way to use leftover veggies from the previous night’s meal prep.

When cooking, don’t be afraid to substitute. If your enchilada recipe calls for zucchini, but you have leftover yellow squash, use that instead. Being flexible is important for RV living, especially when it comes to preparing food.

Plan for Leftovers

You won’t have a lot of extra space in the fridge, so be sure to make a plan for leftovers and how you’ll use them. When shopping for your RV kitchen, purchase a set of stacking bowls with lids. These will come in handy as mixing bowls, serving bowls, and for food storage. If you make grilled chicken one night, plan for chicken soup or chicken salad sandwiches later in the week.

If you’re new to RVing, spend some time online researching recipes and cooking shortcuts that you can use on the road.

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